Hiring made easy

Use knctrr to hire anyone from math tutors and yoga instructors to makeup artists and dog photographers!



knctrr has purposely designed a system that is based on the premise of trust, convenience, and accountability. When you receive a recommendation from our platform, it’s from people you know and trust, connecting you to providers they know and trust, creating comfort and accountability.

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No ads or spam

Unlike those outdated Home Service sites we won’t overwhelm you with unsolicited ads, spam emails, or obnoxious phone calls. We won’t ever sell your personal information for profit. We view these tactics as both intrusive and a blatant invasion of your privacy. Our platform aims to get you what you need, when you need it, and nothing more or less!


Earn it back

Let’s face it; most services cost a lot of money and it’s nice knowing that with knctrr you can quickly recoup some of it. After you’ve hired one of our providers, you have the ability to turn around and recommend them to your network and earn!

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