Why provide on knctrr?

Well, there are a lot of reasons! Here at knctrr we believe in a free marketplace where driven individuals can connect with potential customers via trusted recommendations. Our thoughtfully designed platform was built to make it as easy as possible for you, the service provider, to engage with customers in your community and transform your passion into a full time earning opportunity - here are some benefits you can expect:


Attract New Customers

With knctrr you can offer your skills to an entire new market of potential customers that otherwise might be difficult to find. Our process was deliberately designed with the service provider in mind. We want to allow people without the experience of running a business to easily find and cultivate new customers through a virtuous cycle of recommendations.  

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Easy to Collect

After you have successfully completed a request or done a job, knctrr handles the rest.  We ensure you receive your full payment on time and hassle free.   No need to chase down customers or outstanding invoices.   We make it easy to earn and collect your money!


Free to Use

Gaining new customers traditionally takes a lot of time and money!  Not with knctrr! We have turned the old saying of “you need to spend money to make money” on its head. Our attractive variable cost model means you only “spend money” if you make money. Only one transparent and consistent per transaction fee—no upfront costs, per click payments, or memberships.


When you provide your customers with a top notch experience, they will be happy to introduce you to their network of friends, family, and so on. The power of recommendations combined with knctrr’s convenient platform transforms your side gig or passion into your every day source of income.