Connecting people through recommendations

The reality is you’re probably already making tons of recommendations to your community on a daily basis. Now it’s time you get paid for it!


Directly Help People

Through every recommendation you make with knctrr, you are improving the quality of life for multiple people, including yourself! On one hand, you are helping someone check off an item on their never-ending to-do list. On the other hand, you are helping an individual or small business by introducing them to new customers and enabling them to grow while pursuing their passion. It’s through enriching other peoples’ lives, that we enrich ourselves. 

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Earn Money

Think about how many recommendations you already make to your friends, family, and co-workers. Whether online, at the water cooler, or in a coffee shop, we love sharing our feedback and experiences. With knctrr, you now have the ability to earn for every successful recommendation you make! It’s as easy as sharing their profile on facebook or texting a link to your friends. When a provider you recommended completes the work, you earn a small commission.


Contribute Locally

When you connect people on our platform, you are boosting your local economy and opening doors for others. You are creating opportunities that may have otherwise been overlooked or nonexistent. By encouraging people and giving them the confidence to pursue their passion, you’re creating jobs in your community that wouldn't exist without YOU!